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Energetics hobby group @ TalTech
for children aged 7 to 15 years
The goal of the hobby group is to introduce children to the basics of energetics in an interesting and understandable way through practical experiments
About hobby group
The hobby group takes place in the laboratories of TalTech University.
Classes take place on weekdays at three times:
14:00, 15:45 and 17:30.
The hobby group program lasts 35 weeks.
Every week we do a new practical lab, through which we learn something new about the world of energy.
How long is the program?
Tuition can be paid for a month or a year.
In case of new restrictions, we will continue
Online classes
All classes will take place online.
Labs materials
For your convenience, we prepare and hand over all materials for labs at home.
Online family day
Family day is also held online so that you can spend time with your family in an interesting and exciting way.
We are all responsible for shaping a future where everyone understands the importance of their actions.
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